Two Take Aways From My Sudo Run In With Johnny Football

Josh “JR” Reese

So last week Johnny Manziel a.k.a Johnny Football took his talents to a Rockets game he sat court side with Texans running back Arian Foster. Below are my two thoughts from my sudo run in with the number 1 overall pick hopeful.

He is really short
He isn’t rude

Now I had a chance to have Johnny Manziel walk by me twice and both times I just could not believe how normal looking he was. I stand 5’7 and both Johnny Manziel and Arian Foster are both listed at 6’1 now walking past me Johnny was much closer to me in height then he was Foster. Of course during the combine they measured Johnny at 5’11 and ¾ but from a firsthand account he does not look as tall as he is listed.

Speaking to his personality, he did seem nice and pleasant to the fans, a stark contrast to Foster who sat next to him during the game. Johnny waved when he was on camera and took probably close to a 100 photos with fans. Postgame while Johnny was walking out I did stop him to ask for a quick interview and while I was turned down. It wasn’t the normal “dude leave me alone” or whatever else a superstar personality would say to a reporter. Johnny just simply, no I would rather not….

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